Oracle RMAN Backup and Recovery 11g and 12c by John Boyle

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Course Topic List Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) 11g & 12c

1.    Introduction

This module will provide you with strategies to

        o   Extend the Mean Time between Failure                 (MTBF)

        o   Reduce the Mean Time to Recover                          (MTTR)

        o   Conform to the Service Level Agreement               (SLA)

Implications of the Recovery Point Objective   (RPO)

SYSDBA (11g & 12c) & SYSBACKUP (12c) Privileges

2.  Pro-Active Protection of the Database Instance

Password File Utility            (orapwd)

Control File Configuration

Checkpointing (Full , Partial , Incremental)

Redo Log Files

Fast Recovery Area                        (FRA)

Oracle Enterprise Manager            (OEM)

         o   OEM Database Control       11g  r2

         o   OEM Express                        12c  r1

·         Archivelog  Mode

Performing First Full Backup

3.    Types of Failure & DBA Responsibility

Oracle Restart 

Automatic Diagnostic Repository (ADR)


         o   Statement  & Program Failure

         o   User & Background Process  Failure

         o   Instance & Media Failure

Scope of DBA Responsibility

4.    RMAN Command Line Interface (CLI)

·Connection to RMAN CLI 

Important NLS Environment Variables

RMAN Commands

         o   Entering

         o   Interpreting Errors

         o   RMAN v SQL Comparison

         o   New RMAN Commands for 12c

Persistent Configuration Settings

Recovery Catalog Database

         o   Configuration

         o   Virtual Private Catalog (VPC)

5.    RMAN Backups


         o   Tools

         o   Types – Copy / Backupset / Compressed Backupset

         o   Full and Partial

         o   Backup Contents

         o   Controlfile & spfile Autobackup

         o   Hot / Cold Backups

Backup Options

         o   Compression

         o   Optimization

         o   Encryption

         o   Duration / Partial

Incremental Backups

         o   Cumulative

         o   Differential

         o   Fast Incremental


         o   Backup Pieces

         o   Incremental (12c Only)

         o   Image Copies (12c Only)

Support for 12c Multitenant Architecture

       o   Container Databases (CDB’s)

       o   Pluggable Databases (PDB’s)

6.    RMAN Restore / Recover


        o   Full / Partial 

        o   Complete / Incomplete

Fast Recovery Area (FRA)

        o   Parameters

        o   Contents

        o   Utilization

Automatic Diagnostic Recovery (ADRCI)

Instance & Media Recovery

Recovery Types

         o   Level  ( Database, Tablespace , Datafile )

         o   Complete / Incomplete

Restore /Recovery

7.    Flashback & Data Recovery Advisor (DRA)

Automatic Undo Management

         o   Using SQL Command Line

         o   Using 12c OEM Database Express

         o   Using 11g OEM Database Control

Flashback to

          o   System Change Number (SCN)

          o   Timestamp

          o   Log Sequence Number

         o   Restore Point


          o   Query

          o   Version Query

          o   Flashback Transaction Query

          o   Transaction

          o   Table

          o   Drop

Flashback Database 

          o   Overview

          o   Setup

          o   Monitoring

          o   Restore Points         

Data Recovery Advisor (DRA)

         o   Via 11g OEM Database Control

        o   Via RMAN Command Line

DRA Commands

         o   List Failure

         o   Advise Failure

         o   Repair Failure

8.    Example Scenarios

Backup & Recovery Policy to match the SLA

RMAN Duplicate Database Command

          o   Overview

          o   Active Duplication

          o   Backup Duplication

          o   Connection Options

Incomplete Database Recovery

          o   Setup

          o   Using RMAN

          o   Using Flashback Database Logging

Incomplete Database Recovery combining

          o   Flashback Database

          o   Recover Database

          o   Restore Points

Guaranteed Restore Points

          o   With Flashback Database Logging

          o   Without Flashback Database Logging

Final Module

Summary of course

The ‘real world’ after Training

The Database Administrator

          o   The ‘good’ DBA

          o   The Oracle Certified DBA

         o   The ‘good’ Oracle Certified DBA

         o   The Exceptional DBA

Sources of further  Information & Reference Material

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