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Jonathan Lewis is one of the world's foremost Oracle experts and Oracle Magazine's 2006 "Oracle Author of the Year." He is a member of the prestigious Oak Table Network, a network for Oracle Scientists.

His very popular "Oracle Scratchpad" is an excellent starting point for all things Oracle and can be accessed at jonathanlewis.wordpress.com

Jonathan has been an independent design and troubleshooting consultant for more than 16 years. He runs JL Computer Consultancy www.jlcomp.demon.co.uk and specializes in knowing how the database engine works. If you need to know which features of Oracle may be useful for your specific application, Jonathan will be able to tell you because he spends a lot of time investigating how well new features work and how easy it is to break them. If you need to make your system run faster, he can tell you what can be done, and what is most likely to be a cost-effective approach.

Jonathan has long been a top presenter at IOUGOracle OpenWorldUK Oracle User Group, and at User Groups everywhere. He is the author of  "Oracle Core: Essential Internals for DBAs and Developers", "Cost-Based Oracle Fundamentals", "Practical Oracle 8i - Building Efficient Databases" and the "Dreadful Design" chapter of Oracle Insights - Tales of the Oak Table".